The Israelite Nation World Wide Ministries (INWWM) is a religious/charitable organization whose purpose and mission is to teach the world about our God through biblical, spiritual and cultural education. The INWWM bases its philosophy on the King James Version of the Bible and the historical culture of the Ancient Israelites. It attempts to live, teach and uphold the morals, laws and ethics of scriptures as they were meant to be. The INWWM understands and appreciates the need for spiritual guidance and is able to reconcile this with biblical values and teachings into the present day like no other organization can.

The Israelite Nation World Wide Ministries is not affiliated with any radical or militant group that may bare a similarity in name or other feature. We have no political agendas nor do we make statements for political gain of favor. Our goal is to serve our God in the right way. We know who we are and need not show hostility or hate to anyone. This point is punctuated in the following scriptures.

Mathew  28:19
Isaiah  56:3-8
Numbers   9:14


12th Sep 2015

The Journey: A Story of The Israelites