I called upon thy name, O LORD, out of the low dungeon. Thou hast heard my voice: hide not thine ear at my breathing, at my cry. Thou drewest near in the day that I called upon thee: thou saidst, Fear not.

Lam 3:55

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This led me to commence publication of the former Israelite Chronicle Newsletter on December 12, 1992, with a circulation that covered sections of Canada and the USA. I also co-authored "The Word, the Israelite and the Damned" - 1993, and "The Spirit of Egypt in America" - 1995. The latter is now out-of-print. Both books were edited by Elder Shadrock and published by Fifth Ribb Publishing, P O Box 287, Stn. "E", Toronto, Canada, M6H 4E2.

After only a few months of returning to my Israelite culture, I developed a burning desire to prove that the God of Israel had a plan, which was quietly unfolding since the days of Adam and Eve, with the Israelite Nation as his focal point. Therefore, with the bible as my foundation, I chose the historical route to demonstrate the unfolding of God's plan. I was able to confirm that this Israelite National document (Genesis to Revelation) was the only complete record of the history, culture and spirituality of the American slave. This historical route also gave me the advantage of investigating and understanding the behaviour of other philosophies, cultures and nations, some of which even claimed to follow some of the teachings of my Israelite forefathers.

In my investigation, I observed that in ancient times all nations, including our Israelite Nation, had their own individual God or spirit and their own philosophy. Since today's society consists of the descendants of those same ancient nations, the behaviour is consistent with the past. Hence, I noticed that the behaviour of the Israelites alone was different in the past and so it would also be different today. Therefore, I asked myself, "What was the reason for this unique Israelite behaviour?" The answer was clear- the God of our forefathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob made his Covenant with the Israelite Nation. Thus, with the Almighty Spirit of Truth at our helm, we had to be different!

As the Investigative Researcher for the Israelite Nation, I continued to show how God has used his chosen people - the children of captivity and slavery, to influence the nations of the world, even from Egypt unto America. To me this means that any nation with whom the Israelites should come in contact would stand to benefit from their presence. It also means that the greatest problem facing "black America" today is spiritual affiliation and not racism. Thus it was made very clear to me that the root cause of our problem, while living in the lands of our captivity, has more to do with our disobedience to God, and specifically our violation of our Covenant, than with the colour of our skin. In order to end our affliction, I strongly suggest that we not envy the oppressor, nor choose any of his ways, because the wicked is an abomination to God, but his secret is with the Israelites. Furthermore, I continued to focus on the benefits of our Covenant and encourage our return to the "Promised Land", where our Israelite roots are firmly secured and the oppressor has no access.

In the Spring of 1994, I took a wife from among the first of the children of slavery in America, who had travelled to Canada to attend the Passover, and was later baptized into the culture of her Israelite forefathers. We settled down in Atlanta, Georgia, where we assumed the role of Ambassadors of the Israelite Nation unto this day.

Dr. Michael Hinds
Elder, Teacher of Atlanta Branch

Ancient wisdom declares that when the student is ready, the teacher will be found waiting. This is exactly the way it was for me at the beginning of my Israelite re-birth. My teacher, Elder Shadrock, appeared at the right time in my life, when my quest for the truth hit a dead-end. In the Spring of 1990, I arrived at The House of Israel, in Toronto, Canada (now known as The Israelite Nation). I was virtually pregnant with questions, because I needed to know who I was; what my purpose was for being here; where was I going; why the affliction of the Children of Slavery; etc.

I had searched everywhere except the Holy Bible. Since I had not previously worshipped anywhere, I did not consider myself as a "religious" person. Yet I was well aware that there was a God, but could not quite see the connection with him at the time. Elder Shadrock was able to deliver the answers to all my questions and lead me to the Path of Truth, where I have continued to discern other answers for myself. On this Path I would discover that my ears are one of my greatest assets. Then I learnt the difference between philosophical speculation and the restoration of my lost Israelite culture. The latter being properly termed "Religion", which I must emphasize is not a generic word in its true application, but describes the return of the Israelite to our Covenant (Law) with God. Most importantly, however, I understood the difference between spiritual matters and specific obedience to the Almighty Spirit of Truth -The God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob.

I was the first child of slavery to fully embrace the biblical teachings of Elder Shadrock. To me it all seemed so simple and made so much sense. In fact, I noted that although others may disagree with my Elder's teaching, they could never ever prove him wrong from the bible. All this made such a great impact on me that I quietly decided I wanted to be just like my Elder.

The interesting point is that previous to my meeting Elder Shadrock, I had no concept of what I wanted to do for a career. There was simply nothing else on this Earth that attracted me. Consequently, I was determined to do my best to help teach this Doctrine of Truth to anyone who would listen, and later I would have the great honour and privilege to lead others to my Elder, so that they too may benefit from his wisdom.In October 1990, I took the colours of red, purple, white and blue, which God gave to our forefather Moses, and designed the first flag for the Israelite Nation. The following month I started to teach, when I realised the advantage of circumcision. On April 18, 1991,
I officially signed the Covenant of God with the blood of my foreskin. Then on August 30, 1992, I was baptised and was fully consecrated as a Servant of the Most High God by my Elder.

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