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New Year Message: Israel – You Are the Chosen One!

Israelite Women of Old

Elder Shadrock – Message for Israel

The Bible Help Desk Trailer

The Winds Are Blowing – This Prophechy will be Fulfilled!

Elder Shadrock Speech – The Awakening Part 1

Elder Shadrock Speech – The Awakening Part 2

Elder Shadrock speaks about the Golden Emblem of Solomon

Why Israelites cannot eat pork, shellfish etc.

Women and Spirituality

The truth about Jesus

Find out if you are one of the Chosen Few?

Avoid worshiping the dead / false gods

End of the World Predictions

Our New Year, Feasts and Holy Days

Our New Year, Feasts & Holy Days Understanding Lev. 23: NEW YEAR: We as Israelites celebrate our New Year in the Spring, (First day of Abib when the cycle of life begins. This is an [...]

Is Turkey Kosher?

Is Turkey Kosher? Introduction Life is about choices we can follow tradition or the Law of the God of Israel, as Israelites we follow the Levitical law as given by the God of Israel.  Sometimes [...]

The Bible Help Desk

THE BIBLE HELP DESK Preparation for Abraham’s Seed   The Holy Bible reveals the Breath or Word of the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob, Creator of Heaven and [...]

The Journey – Next Stop Missouri!

The Journey  - Next Stop Missouri! Thank you to everyone who attended the Journey! Due to a SOLD OUT show we will be bringing it back again to to you soon next year!!! ....NEXT STOP [...]


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