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Each individual is required to enter on the Path of Truth (Israelite Holy Scriptures – kjv) and will be guided up the steps to the I.N.W.W.M. Since each step is based on the previous, a clear understanding of each one is expected. For example, the first step requires a commitment to Personal Integrity and Leadership. The second step allows for the awareness that the I.N.W.W.M represents “the Church” and values highly the Covenant of circumcision. The third step opens the doorway to the waters of Baptism, after the Feasts of Passover and Unleavened Bread. The fourth step allows for consecration to the Most High God of Israel.
The Authorized Version of the Holy Bible (kjv) is our official book of learning and teaching. We are proud to teach ALL nations about our God, knowing that the Holy Bible was written by Israelites, about Israelites, for Israelites and represents our unique History and Culture.
As it is with all children, Identity, including naming, is the sole responsibility of the parent. Israelites were specially chosen and so named by our Father – The God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob, even before he laid the foundations of the Earth. We will be happy to share this wisdom with ALL, who enter at our Gates on the Path of Truth.
The I.N.W.W.M respects those who are not true Israelites, but may read our Holy Bible while engaging in another cultural practice (usually by another name), which may even be similar to ours. We share no affiliation or partnership with any other organization bearing the name Israel or Israelite and remain uniquely separate, having the sole authority to teach from the Holy Bible. Our Gates remain open to ALL, who seriously seek the Truth.
The I.N.W.W.M takes very seriously our mandate to teach ALL nations, which we execute without criticism and without compromise. Therefore, our primary focus is on the spirit rather than the physical appearance. Our aim is to build a bridge of Truth, Tolerance and Respect that will reach from Toronto, Canada to the four corners of the Earth, just like our forefathers have done in the days of old, beginning at Jerusalem.
An Israelite is clearly defined by the same conditions that existed in the days of our forefather Moses, when he led them out of the land of Egypt some 3500 years ago:-
First, each Israelite is a Chosen Servant of the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob. Second, each Israelite worships the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob in spirit and in truth, according to the terms of our everlasting Covenant. Third, each Israelite is still governed by the “Pillar of Truth” that is located at the border of Egypt. Today, that Pillar is firmly established at Toronto, Canada, at the border of the new Egypt (USA), where our doors are open to ALL.
It is extremely difficult to imagine a world without the Heavens, the Earth and the Laws of Truth and Life. These three are tied together as one, declaring the glory of God’s creation and giving meaning with a clear sense of purpose to all with the Spirit of Understanding. Such is the Power and Wisdom of the Most High God of Israel.
In an effort to justify their lawlessness, others may say that there is no Law, then use our Bible that they condemn as a Standard of Truth for swearing in their Courts of Law. Others may use our Bible to rob their neighbours every Sunday in the name of Tithing. Still others say the Law has been nailed to the Cross then insist on worshipping before that same Cross continually.
The I.N.W.W.M firmly declares that until Heaven and Earth are taken away, not one jot or one title of our Law shall be invalid, until everything is fulfilled.
The I.N.W.W.M is proud of the priceless contribution of our brother Jesus, the son of David, who was a descendant of the Tribe of Judah, the son of Jacob, the son of Isaac, the son of Abraham, the Friend of the Most High God of Israel. We are honoured to acknowledge his personal discipline and sacrifice each year on the Day of Atonement and look forward to sharing this wisdom with ALL who seek the Truth.
First, the mandate of the I.N.W.W.M is to teach ALL nations. Second, our forefathers helped to lay the foundation for Western European civilization, not only throughout the Americas, but Italy, Portugal, Spain, France, England, etc. Today, the complexion of our brothers and sisters may differ, but the spirit is the same. Third, we are proud to lead and not follow in the path of the oppressor, because the froward is an abomination to God, but his secret is with Abraham’s Seed, of whom we are descended.
The Culture of INWWM emerged from the youth of Ancient Wisdom, from the days of our forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, a period reaching back over 4000 years and defined by their Leadership, which we have since inherited.
In an effort to imitate us, others have made terrible errors during these last 400 years, being void of the Spirit of Understanding. They desire for the gift of our Holy Days have led them to invent “holidays”. Yet we are not without compassion, and have offered to teach them about our God, if they will turn from their folly and seek the Path of Truth.
In a world weakened by vanity, disease and violence, the I.N.W.W.M strives to maintain a standard of excellence, purity and harmony. We understand the link between the consumption of food, or in this case, so-called food, and spiritual ideas, which in turn influence behaviour. Ours is a Culture of Blessings, Praises and Feasting. Hence, the need for Laws that define the true concept of food, which may be consumed, and in turn lead us to glorify our God.
Thus, the I.N.W.W.M display sound judgment and discretion, because we know that whatsoever enters the stomach affects the heart, the brain, the hands and the feet. We understand the problems that are associated with the consumption of swine’s flesh, for example, and we offer to share this wisdom with ALL who seek Peace, Harmony and good Health.
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