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Fifth Ribb Publishing.
Home of the 1st published Israelite Books.

About Fifth Ribb

Fifth Ribb Publishing Ltd. is a very unique publishing company:

We develop and promote talents wherever it exposes itself, and we will continue to do so. We started out to educate the peoples of the world with our first best selling book about “The Bible and the Blackman” the enlightenment and revelation about The God of Israel as it is stated in the scriptures. Thousands of people all over the world have read “The Truth The Lie And The Bible” by Shadrock. And were shown the light by this great Author, Educator, and Lecturer.

Letters, e-mail, phone calls are still coming in by the dozens. We are making a mark, and proud of it.

Because of the success of this first book, other books were added to this masterpiece. The next book entitled “The Forgotten Israelites” by the same Author, was again another smashing success story.

With the determination never to cease from educating the masses of people worldwide, who continue to show their hunger for spiritual food, another appetizer for the spiritual palate to quench that spiritual hunger and thirst was served in our third book entitled “The Word The Israelites And The Damned” This book was written by a collection of writers edited by Shadrock who himself wrote a remarkable Preface, Introduction, and the last three chapters of this very informative title.

Fifth Ribb was now on its way. Another great researcher and writer from Georgia, Mr. Michael Hinds along with Tony Castrilli and Shadrock wrote “The Spirit Of Egypt In America”. Five Thousand copies of this book was damaged and misprinted. We however printed thousands of copies more, which was sold out in three months. Now all we have in stock are the misprinted copies, and even these are moving at a medium pace.

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